Currently, we are not able to assist you in obtaining these valuable and rare strains just yet. 

We are actively working towards YOU being able to own

​many of our most prized plants.

All with an eye towards the refined taste of seasoned Cannabis users

All are Gooeybreeder developed  ( but for Old Mendo Haze , see below) and some are very old, like Mom Gooey, or NCG as she is sometimes known. In 2022 she's 40 years old.  One hit and you'd see why.

Some are designer strains made for breeders to use in trait isolation situations where the breeder needed a trait like colors to more quickly advance his line towards that targeted trait. These tend to be very smokeable purples with a fine selection of tastes not normally seen in dark purple plants as the flavor of the coloring compounds naturely formed can make the taste musky and earthy. Not these.

As a farmer of large scale right down to the home gardener who just wants that small patch in back to produce solid results with exotic, wonderful traits he or she can be more than proud to share and enjoy, these plants will more than fill that bill and give you that edge your looking for.

With a long track record and amazing customer loyality, you can't make a wiser choice in using Gooeybreeder's Cannaexotics as your source for finer cannabis.

Cannaexotics Exoticuts

Old Mendo Haze comes from Mendocino Co. in California from a highly prized seed line from an old grower who got this line from Santa Cruz in the 70's. It's flavor is amazing, it's high soaring and perfectly Haze!

It's Lime/vodka taste is one of a kind!

A Gooeybreeder fav!

Old Mendo Haze

NCG Gooey "Mom Gooey"

The amazing Mom Gooey. 34 years old in 2016, she has been a staple of the breeders work for a very long time.

This work is known world wide and has a huge following. BUT, it is a rare item for now as folks tend to hold it close and not let it out. WE look forward to letting her out.

​Black Raptor

This is but a very small sample of what we will provide once we start up! Stay tuned and check in on the breeder on Instagram.

Mr. Gooeybreeder- @gooeybreeder

Dark Desire

A berry tint hits your mouth as you taste this strain for the first time with it's sweet and hashy wonderfulness and great all around high. Another impressive plant with many solid advantages including a stunning bag appeal like few can offer. Fast flowering and very easy to grow.

Black Raptor is built off Mom

Gooey, Dark Desire, OMH

Zinn and Black lines made from

African stock.  Intense in feel and

taste, this true purple line brings

a powerful smoking experience!