We cannot offer direct sales to the public at this time. Please find our work at our reps in order to get any seed stocks at this time.

New Indica's coming with very strong stuff that'll bake your bread!

You can also find Gooey's work at:

jbcseeds.com , a Washington state rep!

Any picture on our site can be made into a blanket! It's a fantastic gift for any Gooeybreeder fan! Just tell Matt what you like and we will have it made for you!

You can also write Matt @ Goocanna and he can hook you up huge!

write him at:



Matt at: gooeybreeder@yahoo.com  to find out how to get the latest offerings!

You can contact him below!

Gooey is now working the 2020 offerings and is ready to bring some new and amazing lines to the table!

Looking to invest in the future of Cannexotics? Looking at the ground floor of an amazing breeder and his wide scope vision of all the different and overwhelmingly profitable ideas and products? We want to speak with folks who have plant ready grows that are LEGAL and state approved to form partnerships featuring this brand.

Please contact gooeybreeder@yahoo.com

to talk with us about a venture.

"Here's what a few fine folks had to say about the orders they have gotten so far!
" The logo gear is awesome!"

"We just got our order and I LOVE the blanket! It's as much of a work of art as your buds are!" The teeshirts are already on!" You made our day!"

"Can't thank you enough bro, great gear and now I'm ready to get Canna Exotic!

​Your cannabis is one of a kind bro and we are amazed at your work! We want EVERYTHING we can get our hands on! Your stuff is some of the best we've ever had. Thank you so much for the great deals Matt gave us!" 

Are you ready to get "Canna Exotic" too?

Let us hook you up!